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Redefining The Grilling Experience

Sometimes a great idea comes from a simple spark, or in the case of Burch Barrel—a roaring fire. Burch Barrel disrupts the grill market bringing the excitement of cooking outdoors, on the trail, or in the backyard—bringing people together around fire and food.




Design a grill that's tough & rugged, just like the men and women of the outdoors. Offer the ability to cook with wood as well as traditional charcoal. Create the perfect grill for the devoted outdoor adventurer, hunter, fisherman, beachcomber, sportsman, and backyard griller.


Together we defined that Burch Barrel was really about people and the memories shared when you break bread with those you care about. Our plan was simple, make the best outdoor cooking experience, period—enjoy good times with friends by the fire, a redefined agile grilling and smoking set up for the novice grill-master to culinary experts.


PRODUCT DESIGN  |  Visualization  |  Prototyping  |  RESEARCH  |  Testing  |  Engineering  |  Sourcing  |  Manufacturing  |  Photo & video production  |  rendering  |  PACKAging design



Roaring flames inside. Safe-to-the-touch outside.
The patented air flow system brings air in from the top of the barrel. The incoming air cools the outer wall and keeps the bottom sealed to keep the coals from falling out.

pistol grip lift & lid locking SYSTEM

Lock it & lift. Keep your food grilling while adding more fire.
The lid/grill lift system allows the user to raise the lid for quick access. The position of the lid is held in place by the pistol grip slider, which automatically holds the lid in place when it is released.


High or low, put the fire just where you want it.
The firepan height can be adjusted by rotating it up or down the stepped tracks. It has nine height settings over a 12” range. This allows adjustment to the perfect height setting for wood or charcoal cooking styles.

ADaptable terrain mulTi-level tripod

A culinary tool sitting on a whole new level.
The legs are adjustable over a 4” range. They can be adjusted without bending over. This allows the barrel to be set up easily on any terrain.


Taking an idea and turning it into reality is no small feat. Not only did Design Prosody accomplish this, they designed an award winning masterpiece! Their team is truly remarkable and their work really speaks for itself. As a founder, they really got into my head to figure out what I needed. I fully trust them as my creative partner to build a brand, build a product, and move my business forward.

Roby Burch

Founder & CEO
Burch Barrel

Born in Big Timber, Montana.